Our Team

Li Song
Managing Director
(506) 634-3089

Romy Lai
Executive Administrator
(506) 634-3088


Amanda Beckwith (she/her)
Women's Leadership Coach
(506) 214-0439


Before Amanda worked at PRUDE Inc., she was a volunteer. As the Women’s Leadership Coach, she developed and facilitates the Women’s Leadership Program for Permanent Resident Women. This program helps newcomer women gain confidence, learn skills and create connections in the greater community. 


Amanda enjoys working at PRUDE because she gets to meet and connect with new people from a variety of cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. She enjoys helping women find their fullest potential, connect with the community and develop skills to help them to succeed personally and professionally.

Lin Zhang (she/her)
Community Engagement Officer
(506) 214-0507

Lin joined the PRUDE Inc. family in October 2019 as the Community Engagement Officer. She started here through an internship from UNB MBA program, which quickly turned into a full-time permanent position upon completion of her studies.  She is tasked with engaging the community and our clients through the organization’s events, presentations, branding and volunteer management. 


Lin moved to Saint John in 2017 and has fallen in love with the city. She is very interested in cultural intelligence. She also likes to share her own personal experiences with new cultures and hearing other people’s stories from their perspective. Her favourite part of working with PRUDE is getting to know new people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. 

Omar Morad (he/him)
Youth Program Officer
(506) 214-0426


Damon Levine (he/him)
Program Developer & Facilitator
(506) 634-7649

Damon joined the PRUDE Inc. team in November 2020 as the Program Developer/Facilitator for the organization’s Workplace Bias Recognition Program. Damon is tasked with developing, refining and delivering the program. He also moderates forum discussions; coordinates fundraising efforts for the organization and creates videos to document PRUDE’s history. Aside from his role at PRUDE, Damon is also the Web Content Manager for the New Brunswick Black History Society. There, he maintains and updates website content and creates videos to document the NBBHS history. 


Damon chose to work for PRUDE because the organization appreciates his skills and allows him to continue to learn and grow as a professional. He enjoys interacting with his friendly, supportive coworkers. Damon also enjoys applying his writing, editing, web development and media skills to the various projects he works on here at PRUDE. 

Sheri McAulay (she/her)
Cultural Diversity Officer

(506) 634-7629

Sheri joined PRUDE Inc. in 2008 as a Cultural Diversity Officer. She is tasked with delivering workshops and presentation to teachers and students in the Anglophone South School District. She also facilitates diversity training to businesses and their leaders, collaborates with other’s in creating cultural awareness and connects newcomers to mainstream community members. 


Sheri joined PRUDE because the position allowed her to continue her passion of working with the community in an educational manor. Her favourite part about her job is the people she gets to meet from a variety of cultural backgrounds. She also likes that she gets to build bridges for and with the greater community while creating an inclusive and open opportunity for personal and educational growth. 

Cindy Kilpatrick
Language & Community Integration Coordinator

Cindy has been PRUDE’s Language & Community Integration Coordinator since she joined the organization in November 2014. She is tasked with teaching daily workshops which focus on improving newcomer’s conversational skills, active listening skills and provides them with knowledge of local history, current events and the Canadian culture. On top of that, Cindy also facilitates monthly creative workshops and “walk & talk” sessions trough Uptown Saint John. 


Cindy was drawn to PRUDE from her long and rewarding career in teaching and working with newcomer’s. Her favourite part about her job is the opportunity she has to meet bright and interesting newcomer’s and learning about food from various countries and cultures.