We’re a team of thinkers, helpers, and trainers who find inspiration in movement, transition, and culture difference. We create special programs and events inspired by real people and true stories - designed for all races and ethnicities to grow in Saint John.

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Learn to better understand our diversity community. 

Instilling Canadian pride, one newcomer at a time. 

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Building a better future through education.

Let PRUDE Inc. bring out your leadership potential.

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Make your workplace a great place!

David Elman taught PRUDE Director Li Song's English 20 years ago when Li was just learning English at UNB Saint John, and navigating her life in the Canadian culture. Li still remembers that David took a group of them, went into his home to see the drum set and listened to English music.

  • Presentations to Schools

    We worked with 27 schools.
    We delivered 60 workshops.
    We hosted 28 youth culture events.
    We engaged 10,978 youth.
    We connected with 80,000 people who attended the We Believe event.
    We attended 250 meetings.
    We consulted with 35 teachers about best practices regarding inclusive events.
    We received 3,000 pieces of feedback.

  • Educating Newcomers

    We had 40 classes per month.
    We got 107 visitors per month.
    We registered 65 new permanent residents (PR).
    We organized 50 workshops.
    We reached out to 200 PRs online.

  • Educating Locals

    We served 5 employers.
    We delivered 25 sessions of "Bridging Cultural Diversity" training.
    We had 300 employees in attendance.
    We connected 15 communities.
    We hosted 11 cross cultural events.
    We were on the media 20 times.

    We attended 300 meetings.

    we co-hosted 10 events.

    We created 30 partners.

    We trained 100 volunteers.


PRUDE was incorporated in the City of Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1981.  We are dedicated to the full participation of all cultural communities in the social, cultural, and economic fabric of mainstream New Brunswick life.


PRUDE focuses on Education of both newcomers and Canadian-born individuals, youth, communities, and businesses to foster welcoming and wonderful experiences for all.


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PRUDE Inc., the Saint John Community Loan Fund, the Lorenzo Society and the Saint John Arts Centre have partnered to bring you stories, connections and journeys virtually.


Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day, not just on March 8th, but everyday.

The presentations will be available at https://speakerseries.prudeinc.org/
until March 7, when they move to the PRUDE YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3vsdTZppz2crGhbJzgzXOA 

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Image by SivaSankara Reddy Bommireddy

March 6, Saturday at 1pm, Stay and Grow invites you to join us for a FREE outdoor Snowshoeing activity. Limited registration for 25 people only. 

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We know diversity matters!

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Email: info@prudeinc.org

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